Obama’s Union Goons Accidentally Send Out Amnesty Plans to Reporters: “Ready4Fight”

Everything is a fight with these people. Guess we can’t call them mostly peaceful. AFL-CIO spokesman Jeff Hauser inadvertently forwarded an e-mail intended for immigration activists to a long list of national reporters, including several at The Washington Post. The … Continued

Weakling Obama on Terror Attack in Israel: Time to ‘Lower Tensions'; Bobby Jindal on Terrorists: ‘They Must Be Exterminated’


What a pathetic zero this guy is. In a statement delivered to the White House press pool, President Obama responded to the attack by declaring that “too many Palestinians have died,” as well as Israelis, in the struggle between the … Continued

So-Called ‘Journalist’ on Latest White House Coverup: ‘First instinct is to trust what the WH is saying, but they’ve squandered a lot of that trust lately’

His first instinct is to trust the most corrupt, lying, obfuscating White House in our history. Remember, he’s a journalist. Credibility level: Shot. First instinct is to trust what the WH is saying, but they've squandered a lot of that trust … Continued