Justice Department Orders FBI to Explain Evidence on the Clinton-Obama Uranium One Scam


It’s about time Jeff Sessions started going after these criminals. This Christmas could be even merrier than most. On the orders of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Justice Department prosecutors have begun asking FBI agents to explain the evidence they found … Continued

Russian Hackers Allegedly in Possession of Damaging Info Seeking Hush Money from Liberal Groups

Now why would so-called “progressive” groups be in possession of secretive information that they’d be subjected to blackmail? Russian hackers are targeting U.S. progressive groups in a new wave of attacks, scouring the organizations’ emails for embarrassing details and attempting … Continued

Surprise! Shady Clinton Foundation Took in Millions from Russian Uranium Company, Kept Donations Hidden From Obama White House

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Gee, we’re only 18 months away from the presidential election and the suspicious activity of the Clintons is just going to dribble out every day. Sure, these people are worthy of our trust. Well, we can look forward to dissembling, … Continued

Smart Power: Russia Threatens Ukraine With Military Storm, U.S. Will Not Send Presidential Delegation to Paralympics


Obama’s obviously got Vladimir Putin on the ropes. Russia has issued an ultimatum to Ukrainian forces in Crimea to clear out by 5 a.m. Tuesday or face a “military storm,” according to Russian state-run news agency Interfax, which cited a … Continued