Planned Parenthood

Nutcase Pelosi: I Haven’t Seen Planned Parenthood Videos, But They’re Doctored or Something


Wait, we though they were heavily edited? Now they’re doctored? Um, whatever. House Minority Leader Nanci Pelosi, D-Calif., questioned the truthfulness of the undercover videos that show Planned Parenthood employees discussing the harvesting and sale of fetal organs, while admitting … Continued

Party of Death: White House Defends Planned Parenthood Butchers, House Dems Call for Probe of Video Makers


Bring it on. This is a huge loser for Democrats and the idea that these ghouls want to prosecute the whistle blowers is absolutely revolting. White House spokesman Josh Earnest on Wednesday dismissed claims that Planned Parenthood has illegally profited … Continued

Barbara Boxer Defends Planned Parenthood Butchers: “When people come and secretly tape you, it’s a pretty low form of harassment in my opinion”


She’s more concerned with the “rights” of these savages to rip babies from the womb and sell their parts for cash. What really bothers her is they’re allegedly being harassed. Oh, how awful. Critics of Planned Parenthood on Tuesday released … Continued

NY Times Finally Covers Gruesome Planned Parenthood Story Only to Concern Troll Over Backlash Against GOP


Because it’s the GOP that supports killing babies and harvesting their organs, right? Political reporter Jackie Calmes, a prime defender of Democrats from her New York Times perch, suggested in Wednesday’s edition that an undercover video exposing Planned Parenthood harvesting … Continued

Obama Urges Planned Parenthood to Promote ObamaCare to ‘Cover the Cost of Contraception and Preventive Care Free of Charge’

If these morons think anything will be free they’re a lost cause. Perfectly fitting it’s President Late-term Abortion telling them this nonsense. “If Americans don’t know how to access the new benefits and protections that they’re going to receive as … Continued

Komen Caves to Feminazis

Boy, the angry left sure do  get results. Just unleash the vitriol and the target of their ire caves just like that. Let it be known that if you do anything to interrupt the relentless flow of abortion then there … Continued