New York City

Reminder: NYC Has an Unrepentant Terrorist Marching in Puerto Rican Day Parade


After Monday night’s brutal slaughter of 22 people in Manchester, England, this is probably a good time to remind folks that the head of the New York City Council is gleefully supporting a terrorist freed by Obama marching in this Sunday’s … Continued

After Brooklyn Gang Rape, NYC Council Member Laments: ‘We have hit an all-time moral low in the City of New York’


Welcome to Bill de Blasio’s New York, where the War on Women in the liberal mecca continues apace. New York City has sunk to “an all-time moral low,” lamented a city council member Sunday, joining a chorus of outrage sparked … Continued

Former de Blasio Backer Mulls 2017 Run Against Him: “He’s anti-business, he’s anti-wealth, he’s anti-accomplishment … It’s very frightening”


As New York City spirals out of control, with even third-world diplomats expressing shock at how awful it has become, it’s never too early to start thinking about who might replace the walking disaster that is Bill de Blasio. Now … Continued

Al Sharpton’s Daughter Suing NYC for $5 Million Over Sprained Ankle; Hiked Up Bali Mountain Despite ‘Debilitating Pain’

Instagram photo of Rev. Al Sharpton's daughter, Dominique Sharpton posted with caption: We hiked UP the mountain, over the clouds... into the SUNRISE... One of the most beautiful sites ever. And YES I ALMOST DIED GETTING UP THERE LOL #Balidays we made it, WHEW

We figure New York’s clown mayor will settle out of court for $10 million so as to not upset his boss, Al Sharpton. The Rev. Al Sharpton’s daughter unwittingly proved that her $5 million sprained-ankle suit against the city is … Continued