Nancy Pelosi

Delusional Pelosi: ObamaCare Will Be a ‘Glorious Thing’ and Voters Will Be Focused on Gun Control and Immigration in 2014


Does ObamaCare cover severe head trauma? Because this woman needs treatment, stat. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi this week predicted that despite the troubled rollout, the health care law will eventually become a tremendously successful. “It’s going to be a … Continued

As Millions Lose Their Healthcare, Heartless President Bystander and Greedy Dems Headline Lavish $64K a Plate Fundraiser


Can you imagine the sneering media if clueless Republicans were so callous and condescending? Heck, they’d be camped outside the fundraiser, shaming attendees and asking them if they they were willing to give up their health plans for a government-run … Continued