What Media Bias?

Her husband probably wasn’t the only one who threw up in his mouth. It’s all about the love … of politics. Who's your #msnbcValentine? Vote: — msnbc (@msnbc) February 12, 2015 Vomitous. You've lost your f'n minds. MT @msnbc: … Continued

Howard Dean ‘Apologizes’ to Vets Over Idiotic ‘American Sniper’ Comments, but Not to ‘Right-Wing Nutjobs’ and ‘Chicken Hawks’


He said this nonsense on MSNBC, so obviously nobody saw it. Howard Dean is saying sorry to military veterans for his comments about “American Sniper,” but says he’s not apologizing to the “right-wing nutjobs.” Critics, including “Forrest Gump” actor Gary … Continued

Justice Department Says No Evidence of Christie Involvement in So-Called ‘BridgeGate’; NBC News Devotes 38 Seconds to Story


What any sentient human being knew was a non-scandal that became one in the fever swamps of the left has fizzled out. Gov. Chris Christie says he’s not surprised by a news report claiming the U.S. Justice Department investigating the … Continued

Smart Take: Crazy Pants Chris Matthews Says Dick Cheney ‘Created al-Qaeda by Taking over the Holy Land in Saudi Arabia’


MSNBC, where drunken outbursts normally reserved for 3 am are passed off as political news programs. Really, isn’t it time for them to send this lush off to rehab already? During the final segment of MSNBC’s coverage of Barack Obama’s … Continued