Mitt Romney

Finally: A Mitt Romney Sighting

                                  The man who would be president is now living among the rest of us, apparently caught here pumping gas in La Jolla. Well, … Continued

NY Daily News Endorses Romney


Even liberal papers in the most liberal cities are endorsing Mitt Romney. Obama’s already planning his revenge. Four years ago, the Daily News endorsed Obama, seeing a historic figure whose intelligence, political skills and empathy with common folk positioned him … Continued

Mitt-mentum: Romney Erases Gender Gap in New Poll


Well, we’ve figured out now the desperate Obama campaign’s strategy for the final 12 days of the race: All rape, all the time. Considering their main focus stems from something said two days ago shows they’re grasping at straws now, … Continued

New Romney Ad: ‘Apology Tour’


Most clear-thinking Americans know Mitt Romney was accurate was he accused the failed president of being a pathetic apologist. Now he unveils a new ad further stressing that point. Obama can claim it’s not true, but all you need to … Continued