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Top ObamaCare Official Used Threats, ‘Tantrums’ to Push Website Launch Despite Concerns

Barack Obama

Remember all those anti-bullying campaigns from the White House?  Apparently the message never reached his own team. A key ObamaCare official engaged in a “cruel and uncaring march” to launch the federal health care website last year and wasn’t open … Continued

Weakling Obama on Terror Attack in Israel: Time to ‘Lower Tensions'; Bobby Jindal on Terrorists: ‘They Must Be Exterminated’


What a pathetic zero this guy is. In a statement delivered to the White House press pool, President Obama responded to the attack by declaring that “too many Palestinians have died,” as well as Israelis, in the struggle between the … Continued

ChiComs Roll Hapless Obama As He Hails ‘Major Milestone’ on So-Called Climate Change


He holds in his hand a piece of paper signifying nothing other than his perfidy and weakness. Let’s all hail Prince Obama, useful idiot. President Barack Obama announced Wednesday that the U.S. has set a new goal to reduce emissions … Continued

Obama’s First Order of Business Following Election Blowout: Freeing ‘Forever Prisoner’ from Guantanamo Bay


This was already in the works prior to Tuesday’s Democrat disaster, but what does this say about Obama’s priorities, especially after the illegal Bowe Bergdahl fiasco? And the timing is just awful. A Kuwait aircraft lifted off from this remote … Continued