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Obama’s War on Dishwashers


Now that he’s “solved” the problem of Iranian nukes and re-established ties with the Communist dictatorship in Cuba, our Dear Leader has finally declared war on dishwashers. Naturally, the American people are the big losers. Thanks, Obama! Companies that make … Continued

House Democrat Says Obama’s Lost Touch With the Real World: “We have the same values, but we don’t have the same lifestyle”


Clearly this is racist and all Democrats should denounce this hate speech. A House Democrat on Wednesday accused President Obama of losing touch with the real world as his administration pushes for fast-track authority to finish a sweeping trade pact. … Continued

How’s That Hope and Change Working Out? “We got the president his job. But did he help us get any good jobs? I still need a raise”


Hey, so Obama screwed you over. So vote for Grandma Clinton. That should do the trick. During those two electric Novembers, the chance to elect a black president, and then keep him in office, seized Regenia Motley’s neighborhood. Nightclubs were … Continued

Obama Trainer Channels North Korean Propagandists: President ‘Believes in Raging Against Death … Likes to be Pushed Hard’


Kim Jong-Un just called Obama and said, “c’mon, man, this is embarrassing.” President Obama’s personal trainer says the commander in chief doesn’t mind breaking a sweat. “He believes in raging against death at this point,” Cornell McClellan tells TMZ Sports … Continued