Michael Bloomberg

Anti-Gun Nut Bloomberg to Spend $50 Million Trying to Disarm Americans; Harry Reid Suddenly Finds Big Money in Politics Acceptable

We’re not concerned with Michael Bloomberg spending so much money since the moribund Obama economy could use any boost. But for weeks now the caterwauling from the left about the evil Koch Brothers daring to exercise their rights as Americans … Continued

Stunner: Anti-Gun Nuts Obama and Bloomberg Use Zimmerman Verdict to Shamelessly Pimp Gun Control


In case these morons aren’t aware, George Zimmerman is a law-abiding gun owner once again in possession of his weapon. But hey, why let facts interrupt when you’ve got an anti-Second Amendment agenda to pursue? Mayor Bloomberg yesterday used the … Continued

Member of Bloomberg’s Anti-Gun Group: Young Hispanic Girls Did “Filthy” Things to Him While He Was Naked on His Porch

Another shining star of the Democratic Party. Nine years ago, the now-mayor of New Jersey’s second-largest city was photographed naked on his front porch, right before an election. Pressed to explain, Jerramiah Healy chalked up the incident to a bad … Continued