Marco Rubio

Shocker: Violent Liberals Attack Police, Shots Fired at Trump Rally in Albuquerque


What the Hillary Clinton-inspired leftist zombies don’t quite understand is they’re making Trump into a sympathetic figure with their violent behavior. They don’t understand the guy is teflon. Donald Trump’s New Mexico rally was interrupted several times Tuesday night by … Continued

‘I find it grotesque’: Marco Rubio mocks Sean Penn for ‘fawning’ over El Chapo in 10,000-word article about their jungle rendezvous that led to drug lord’s capture


Marco Rubio has slammed Sean Penn as ‘grotesque’ for ‘fawning’ over notorious drug lord Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán. The Republican presidential hopeful applauded Mexican marines for detaining the fugitive cartel leader, and that he hopes El Chapo will be extradited … Continued

Carson Now Tied With Trump in National Poll; Carson, Cruz, Rubio, Christie All Lead Clinton Head to Head


Wot necessarily a surprise here since Trump has peaked already and is slowly hemorrhaging.  While we don’t see Ben Carson holding up over time, the more interesting takeaway here is how many of the GOP candidates handily beat Granny Clinton. … Continued

Trump Calls Latino Senator ‘Lazy’


Just keep talking, Chrump. Businessman Donald Trump hit fellow Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio on Thursday morning, describing the freshman Florida senator as “a kid.” “He’s got the worst voting record in the United States Senate. He’s never there, meaning … Continued