Lena Dunham

Liberal Darling ‘Apologizes’ for Defending Her Accused Rapist Pal


Has the left finally figured out this moron doesn’t help so-called “feminism”? Lena Dunham has reversed course, and apologized for her initial defense of Murray Miller, the “Girls” writer accused of sexual assault by actress Aurora Perrineau. When news of the accusations broke … Continued

Liberal Author: ‘Childish Meltdowns’ by Hollywood Nitwits are Ruining Everything


We suspect the left’s reaction to this man speaking his mind will be another childish meltdown. Bret Easton Ellis says “childish meltdowns” by Hollywood liberals who still can’t accept Donald Trump’s win are ruining his dinners out with friends — … Continued

The Hill: ‘Sinking Clinton calls in all-star team of surrogates’

Frankly, we’re shocked they’d already label the sinking Clinton ship as actually sinking, but the best part is who the “all-star team” of surrogates is. Behold this lineup: Sinking Clinton calls in all-star team of surrogates: https://t.co/CEjhurQ0zW pic.twitter.com/d8vJYLlM6v — The Hill (@thehill) … Continued