ISIS Fighters Get in Touch With Their Feminine Side


Do they identify as transgender and need special bathroom accommodations? Maybe we could have them speak at the Democratic National Convention because diversity, or something. Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) fighters disguised as women were reportedly caught by opposition forces while … Continued

Former ISIS Sex Slave: ‘Orlando will be repeated if the world doesn’t put an end [to] such terrorism. There is no sanctuary’

While childish Democrats were busy with their “historic” temper tantrum on the House floor Wednesday, the real world was actually unfolding during a Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing. One fabricated event received endless slobbering coverage while the important one was pretty … Continued

Democrat Terrorist’s First Wife: ‘He talked about killing people all the time. I wasn’t shocked. I saw it coming’

If you see something, say something. Or just wait until your fanatic husband murders 50 people, then say something. So helpful. Omar Mateen transformed from a friendly high school football player to a quiet father who carried out America’s deadliest … Continued