DNC Hacked by Russians, Who Also Plan to Release Hillary’s Intercepted Secret Emails


While our government is busy blaming guns for the latest terror attack by a gay Muslim Democrat, the Russians are busy little beavers. Russian government hackers penetrated the computer network of the Democratic National Committee and gained access to the … Continued

Confirmed: Baltimore’s Incompetent Hack Mayor Ordered Police to Stand Down in Face of Violent Thuggery


We would suggest this is criminal behavior but Democrats aren’t held accountable for anything. Besides, Republican policies in Baltimore have brought us to this stage, or something. Despite a firm denial by Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, a senior law enforcement … Continued

Let the Healing Begin: Sharpton Condemns MD Governor for Criticizing Incompetent Baltimore Mayor

Barack Obama, Rev. All Sharpton

We’re sure everyone’s comforted by America’s foremost racial arsonist weighing in on the situation. The Rev. Al Sharpton condemned the governor for taking “cheap shots” at Rawlings-Blake. He also criticized Hogan, saying he is “a governor who’s never stood up … Continued

“Chase them to the Gates of Hell? How the f–k are we going to do that when we can’t even leave the front gate of our base!?”

Safe to say Obama’s incompetence has left our troops scratching their heads. Like the rest of the planet. America’s GI “boots on the ground” in Iraq are so frustrated with the White House message about their mission against the Islamic … Continued

NY Times: Obama ‘weary of the obligations of the White House and less concerned about the appearance of partying’


Of course not weary enough to resign. That might take some effort. In a summer when the president is traveling across the country meeting with “ordinary Americans” under highly choreographed conditions, the Rome dinner shows another side of Mr. Obama. … Continued