College Commencement Speaker Bashes Trump, Speaks in Spanish, Gets Booed; Whines ‘Our country is really divided ‘


Maybe our country wouldn’t be so divided if people didn’t use college commencement addresses to pimp their political agenda and speak in a foreign language. Crazy thought, huh? It’s people like this who are making Trump’s case for him. The … Continued

ChiComs Roll Hapless Obama As He Hails ‘Major Milestone’ on So-Called Climate Change


He holds in his hand a piece of paper signifying nothing other than his perfidy and weakness. Let’s all hail Prince Obama, useful idiot. President Barack Obama announced Wednesday that the U.S. has set a new goal to reduce emissions … Continued

‘Abortion Barbie’ Wendy Davis Poses for Vogue

Why is this woman getting so much attention for promoting the slaughter of babies? Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis (D), who gained national attention after filibustering an anti-abortion rights bill in Austin, will be appearing in Vogue’s September issue. In … Continued