Connecticut Congresswoman Worth Up to $25 Million: Income Inequality “Poses an Existential Threat to Our Nation and Our Way of Life”


This creature has about as much credibility as Obama when it come to talking about income inequality. None, in other words. Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn.), who is worth millions of dollars according to her congressional financial disclosure statement, says Congress … Continued

Video: Candidate Obama Says He’ll Defend Constitution, Accuses Bush of Making Laws

Barack Obama

Gee, it’s almost like he’s a lying hypocrite.   Republican Congressman Ron DeSantis (R-FL) introduced legislation challenging the president’s ObamaCare “fix.” President Obama first delayed the employer mandate. Then, after private insurance companies began canceling millions of Americans plans after … Continued

Most Transparent Convention Ever! DNC Funding Still a Mystery, Except for Bank of America and Wells Fargo


I guess we shouldn’t sit around waiting for MSLSD to report on this, since they’re too busy publicly fellating Obama. But why can’t the folks staging the “most transparent” convention tell us who’s bankrolling this sham? With the Democratic National … Continued

Shocker: Democrat Convention Benefitting From Oodles of Corporate Cash

Ironic considering they’re the anti-capitalism, anti-business party. But that doesn’t stop them from being rank hypocrites and gladly accepting millions from corporations. Shortly after last year’s high-profile announcement that the 2012 Democratic National Convention would be the first in history … Continued