Hugo Chavez

New York Democrat: “I am honored to be a part of a delegation that will represent the United States at the Funeral of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez”


Maybe this is a silly question, but why are we sending a delegation to honor a sworn enemy? Will this tool be hanging with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad while he’s in Venezuela? The funeral for former Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez will be held … Continued

Report: Chavez on Life Support

Best news we’ve had all year. Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez is in an induced coma being kept alive by life support following complications during cancer surgery, it was claimed today. Sources at the hospital in Cuba where he is being … Continued

Oh Well: Chavez Condition Likely Terminal


Hasta la vista, bitch. Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez’s cancer is most likely terminal given the disease’s recurrences, and while the president may bounce back for periods, his health is increasingly at risk, say several leading cancer specialists not involved in … Continued

Spicoli Campaigns With Enemy of America


Why doesn’t this tool just renounce his citizenship and go live in Venezuela? Sean Penn joined his friend Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez at an election rally in the city of Valencia over the weekend. The actor and activist rode atop … Continued

Sad News: Chavez Claims He’s Cancer Free


Not that we really believe anything this piece of garbage has to say. Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez declared himself fully recovered from cancer on Monday, three months before an election in which he is seeking another six-year term. “Free, free, … Continued

Dying Chavez Drops Out of Sight


Hell is waiting, Hugo. Please hurry up and die. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has been out of sight for a week, speaking only through Twitter messages and written statements while undergoing cancer treatment in Cuba. The lack of any appearances … Continued