FBI Blames Samsung for Losing Anti-Trump Conspirators’ Text Messages; Media Attacks Trump for Pointing This Out


We’ve pretty much given up on the media accurately reporting anything these days as their Russia conspiracy continues to blow up in their faces, while massive evidence grows the real conspiracy was against candidate and then-President Trump. The FBI blamed phone supplier … Continued

Clinton Campaign Aide Chuck Todd Frets Over Unseemly CGI Revelations: ‘Shut it down to at least limit the political damage’


We’re sure they’ll consider your advice, Chuckles, while they’re busy figuring out how to kneecap you. NBC News political director Chuck Todd says the Clinton Foundation needs to be shut down immediately if Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is elected president. … Continued

The Fix Is In: CNN Somehow Avoids Asking Mrs. Clinton About FBI Investigation During Democrat ‘Debate’

How is it possible that a leading contender for president isn’t asked a question about being investigated by the FBI during a nationally televised debate? Could you imagine a Republican facing multiple criminal investigations skating by without any questions? Neither … Continued

Annoying Hack Stephen Colbert Continues to Bomb in the Ratings, Writer Wonders if He’s “Maybe Too Smart for a Mass Audience?”

He’s smarter than his audience, which continues to evaporate on a nightly basis. Always the smartest guy in the room, like Obama, he’s a few levels beyond mere mortals.  We just don’t understand the nuance. This sounds like a strong … Continued