Elizabeth Warren

Good: Wall Street Banks Mull Scrapping Donations to Democrats Because of Psycho Elizabeth Warren

Why any financial business still contributes to Democrats escapes us. No matter what they do they’re painted as evil. Four major banks are threatening to withhold campaign donations to Senate Democrats in anger over Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-Mass.) attacks on … Continued

‘Secret’ Email List of Lefty Crackpots Trashes Hillary Clinton

Hillary Rodham Clinton

You would think after the Journolist fiasco of a few years back these idiots would refrain from partaking in these allegedly “secret” email chains, especially so-called journalists themselves. It appears the far-left Hillary Clinton isn’t quite radical enough for these … Continued

Lizzie Warren Disappears From Lizzie Warren Ads


This is a unique strategy, although by shutting up she might actually be doing everyone a favor. After months of misfires and lackluster TV ads, Elizabeth Warren has discovered a new and innovative way to communicate with voters: Don’t talk. … Continued