Dingy Harry

Climate Clowns Still Babbling on Senate Floor: “Climate change deniers still exist”


The pathetic Democrat clownshow that began Monday night is still slogging on as the hapless Dingy Harry and his merry band of morons continue to slander anyone who doesn’t believe their unsupported junk science. “Climate change deniers still exist,” Senate … Continued

Vulnerable Dems Flee From Anti-Gun Nuts in Party: “Do vulnerable Democrats want to see this issue on the radar again? Probably not”

As some Democrats trip over themselves in the rush to politicize the Washington Navy Yard shooting, sane Democrats are running for cover. They know what a loser this issue is, especially since they saw the damage done in the Colorado … Continued

Dingy Harry on The Pantsuit: ‘What she did as Secretary of State will go down in history books as a remarkable, remarkable job’


Eh, what difference does it make if Harry Reid emasculates himself? He’s got some sucking up to do, and goes full-on Hoover with this nauseating drivel. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said in an interview aired Wednesday that he … Continued

Democrats Block Senate Vote on Obama Tax Plan

Why is Harry Reid such a racist obstructionist unwilling to give our first gay black president a fair vote? Democrats blocked a Senate vote Wednesday on President Barack Obama’s plan to extend expiring tax cuts for a year for everyone … Continued

Intellectual Founder of OWS: Scott Brown is One of “Wall Street’s Favorite Senators”


Is there a more disingenuous candidate for Senate out there than the shrieking Elizabeth Warren? She takes a report from Forbes on Wall Street’s “favorite” senators and attacks Scott Brown for appearing on it, in the tenth spot. Yet she … Continued