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Obama’s Former Labor Secretary Busted in Blatant Violation of the Hatch Act

Hilda Solis

Considering the vast breadth and scope of Obama’s criminal enterprise this is small potatoes, but it’s worth noting we have concrete recorded evidence of criminal behavior by his former Labor Secretary Hilda Solis. A former top Obama appointee solicited donations for … Continued

Flashback: How 10 High-Profile Democrat Senators Pressured IRS to Harass GOP and Tea Party Groups


If only there were some media outlets that had interest a year ago to look into the Democrats who clearly were guiding forces into the criminal harassment of GOP and Tea Party groups. Perhaps we wouldn’t have had to wait … Continued

Obama Laments Partisan Media and Too Much Money in Politics While at Swank Hollywood Fundraiser


Well, we’re going to need a bigger hypocrisy meter. In a sober political assessment, President Barack Obama told donors Wednesday that disquiet and a sense of frustration in the country is fueling cynicism about government that could hurt Democratic turnout in the … Continued

Transparency: DHS Watchdog Altered Reports As He Sought Top Job With Obama Administration

Business as usual in the corrupt culture of the Obama administration. Perhaps the only surprise here is it’s the Washington Post breaking the news.  Team Obama will be unavailable for comment as it’s an ongoing investigation or something, so shut … Continued