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The Hill: ‘Sinking Clinton calls in all-star team of surrogates’

Frankly, we’re shocked they’d already label the sinking Clinton ship as actually sinking, but the best part is who the “all-star team” of surrogates is. Behold this lineup: Sinking Clinton calls in all-star team of surrogates: — The Hill (@thehill) … Continued

Easily Confused Grandmother Wants a Phone Just Like Kim Kardashian’s: ‘I’m going to get one if it ever comes out’


Um, we seem to think the phone’s already out if the vapid famewhore Kim Kardashian has one, Grandma. Does this woman really think taking selfies with one of America’s most loathsome celebutards will endear her to a skeptical public? Let’s just hope … Continued

Visibly Unsteady and Confused Grandma Clinton Clings to Expensive Walking Aid While Mistakenly Wearing a Throw Rug


Huma must be on vacation with her weirdo husband. Who could possibly have thought this “stroll” around Manhattan was a good idea? Move over, Mystery Machine, Clintonworld has a new vehicle for the Secret Service to protect: Chelsea Clinton’s $1,000 … Continued