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Revealed in Grandma’s Latest Emails: Media Matters Freak David Brock Wanted to Impeach Clarence Thomas


Pretty safe bet you won’t be reading much about this from the media, but it seems newsworthy. Perhaps the strangest message from Blumenthal was a report, forwarded from Clinton attack dog and Media Matters head David Brock, titled “Memo on … Continued

Hillary Clinton 2011: ‘Hackers break into financial institutions, cell phone networks, and personal email accounts’

To be fair, we doubt Grandma even remembers saying this. Finding this proper measure for the internet is critical because the qualities that make the internet a force for unprecedented progress – its openness, its leveling effect, its reach and … Continued

Clinton Spokesthing on Secret Server: ‘She didn’t really think it through’

FOR SUNDAY NEWS: Man in suit paddling unbalanced boat, sinking boat

Yeah, that ought to hold up in court. Hillary Clinton’s communications director says there is no complex explanation for why the Democratic presidential candidate used a private email server at the State Department. “I’ve encountered this a lot in politics … Continued

Krauthammer Crushes Granny Clinton: ‘That attempted self-deprecation about Snapchat was cringeworthy’


Indeed, it was. Talk about tone-deaf and completely unable to deliver a simple joke. During the Iowa Wing-Dings Dinner this weekend,Hillary Clintonjoked about her email scandal by saying that she loves her new Snapchat account because, “those messages disappear all … Continued

Drip. Drip. Drip. Feds ID Up to 60 Classified Emails From Gangster Granny’s Secret Account, May Be a Backup Server


This vile woman’s political career is finished. She just doesn’t know it yet. Despite Hillary Rodham Clinton’s denials that she sent government secrets via her personal e-mail account, the State Department has already identified 60 messages containing classified info, ​according … Continued