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Hillary’s nightmare: Feds get a warrant to start search for classified info in 650,000 emails – thousands of them from her private server – on sexting Weiner’s laptop. Clinton faces ongoing FBI probe even if she’s elected President


The FBI now has a warrant to read the emails from Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton‘s most trusted aide, which were among hundreds of thousands discovered on Anthony Weiner’s laptop. Law enforcement officials confirmed that investigators gained permission to start trawling … Continued

Sweet Deal: Dubious For-Profit University Head Pays Clintons $22 Million, Gets State Department Dinner Invitation

Former President Bill Clinton responds to the crowd as he speaks during the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Wednesday, Aug. 27, 2008. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

We’re so old we remember back in 1992 when Bill Clinton railed against the 1980’s as the decade of greed and self-serving. We wonder what modern-day Bill Clinton would call it when some shady guy donates $5 million to his … Continued

‘We need to clean this up’: Clinton staff KNEW Hillary had emailed Obama from her secret address even though the president said he learned of it ‘through news reports’


Senior Hillary Clinton aides fretted that President Barack Obama knew she conducted government business through a private email address, despite claiming that he learned about it in news reports. An email chain released Tuesday by Wikileaks – one of thousands … Continued

Democratic operative caught on camera: Hillary PERSONALLY ordered ‘Donald Duck’ troll campaign that broke the law by coordinating with tax-exempt pressure group


Hillary Clinton personally ordered a consultant to use a nonprofit group to troll the Trump campaign with a ‘Donald Duck’ mascot, according to the Democratic operatives who say they arranged it with a nonprofit organization. The action, if true, would … Continued

“Barring something completely out of the blue, like Hillary being involved in a murder, I don’t see how he wins”


Does this guy really believe Mrs. Clinton murdering someone would stop her at this point? Heck, it’s be a resume-enhancer for some Democrats. She’s already gotten away with so many crimes, what difference would a dead body make? A Republican strategist … Continued