Chris Matthews

Fairly Unbalanced: MSNBC Clown Chris Matthews Asks Debbie Blabbermouth-Schultz if Democrats Are ‘Better Human Beings than Republicans?’


Gee, it’s almost as if he’s in the tank for the Democrats. These people really do believe you’re evil if you dare to be a Republican. As Wasserman Schultz was praising how Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders conducted themselves compared … Continued

Chris Matthews: Apartheid Leaders More Patriotic Than GOP Who Were ‘Willing to Destroy the Country in Order to Destroy Obama’

Madness from Obama’s favorite interviewer. He’s really losing his mind. Matthews acknowledged a point that Rev. Al Sharpton had made earlier in this broadcast where he noted that the last apartheid president, F.W. de Klerk, recognized after Mandela’s release from … Continued

Why Does This Man Still Have a Job?


It’s one thing to revel in your victory, quite another to do the tingly dance while many here in the northeast are suffering. Just as  a nor’easter is about to whack us. Reveling in the President Obama’s re-election victory, MSNBC’s … Continued