Raaaaacist! 60 Minutes Clown Steve Kroft Told Mistress “Don’t dress like Beyoncé,” Was “really paranoid about right-wing zealots”


Well, it’s not as if anything will happen since this guy is one of the major Obama suck-ups in the media. If he was even perceived to be conservative his career would be finished. The Manhattan mistress of married “60 … Continued

Justice Department Says No Evidence of Christie Involvement in So-Called ‘BridgeGate'; NBC News Devotes 38 Seconds to Story


What any sentient human being knew was a non-scandal that became one in the fever swamps of the left has fizzled out. Gov. Chris Christie says he’s not surprised by a news report claiming the U.S. Justice Department investigating the … Continued

NY Times: Obama ‘weary of the obligations of the White House and less concerned about the appearance of partying’


Of course not weary enough to resign. That might take some effort. In a summer when the president is traveling across the country meeting with “ordinary Americans” under highly choreographed conditions, the Rome dinner shows another side of Mr. Obama. … Continued

Slobbering Obama Sycophant Jonathan Alter Throws Valerie Jarrett Under the Bus


Obama’s media palace guard has begun to circle the wagons around their master in his time of scandal. On Monday they all dutifully and hilariously regurgitated the meme about the GOP overreaching (read: doing their jobs) on the myriad investigations, … Continued