The Unraveling Continues: Emotional Cripple Chelsea Handler Weeps Over Humiliating Hillary Loss


Oh well, I guess shattering the glass ceiling can wait while we sort through our grave national crisis of shattered Hollywood lefties. Really, folks, you’ve got to get a grip. Granted, our sides are aching from laughter and we’ve overdosed … Continued

Trevor Noah: ‘I’m officially shitting my pants. I genuinely do not understand how America can be this disorganized or this hateful’


We love it when so-called “comedians” from South Africa can’t understand the mood of the electorate. Bear in mind this was before Donald Trump was declared the winner. He must be inconsolable right about now. With Donald Trump doing significantly … Continued

Heartbreaking: Mrs. Clinton ‘Pissed’ About Wikileaks Revelations, Bill ‘Having a Hard Time’


Wait, isn’t Bill always having a hard time? Hillary Clinton is “pissed,” Chelsea Clinton is “hurt,” and Bill Clinton is “having a hard time,” according to a new report detailing the reaction to hacked emails of a top aide being … Continued

Trump Moves to Unite GOP: ‘Those people can go away and maybe come back in eight years after we serve two terms’


He sure is moving quickly to bring everyone together by alienating as many people as possible. What an arrogant piece of shit he is. Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on Wednesday fired back at his GOP critics, bragging that he expects … Continued