Bill de Blasio

De Blasio’s ‘Sanctuary City’ Idiocy Let Violent MS-13 Gangbanger Walk Free From Rikers Island


It’s almost as if the goal of New York City Mayor is to prove President Trump right about so-called sanctuary cities. Letting violent illegal alien gangbangers walk free after being arrested isn’t exactly a winning message, especially when you’re up for re-election. … Continued

NYC Mayor, Council President Celebrate NYC Terrorist Bomber Going Free


Remember, these are the same people organizing the “resistance” to Donald Trump. To say they’re ecstatic over a terrorist monster going free is clearly an understatement. Let’s first remember what happened nearly 42 years ago today. Thirty-five years ago this … Continued

After Brooklyn Gang Rape, NYC Council Member Laments: ‘We have hit an all-time moral low in the City of New York’


Welcome to Bill de Blasio’s New York, where the War on Women in the liberal mecca continues apace. New York City has sunk to “an all-time moral low,” lamented a city council member Sunday, joining a chorus of outrage sparked … Continued