Desperate Democrats Unveil Benghazi Website to ‘Drown Out Any Potential Leaks With a Flood of Information’


We’re just sure this taxpayer-funded website will provide a flood of reliable information, although at least the media now has a go-to source to finally start reporting on the 2012 terror attack. House Democrats on the Benghazi Select Committee plan … Continued

Wonderful: Hillary Clinton’s Ghost-Written Book Includes Photos of Benghazi Victim Caskets

Why does Hillary Clinton insist on politicizing Benghazi? EXCLUSIVE: Glimpse photos from back cover of @HillaryClinton's #HARDCHOICES @barackobama — HillaryBook (@HillaryBook) June 5, 2014 A close-up, via the Weekly Standard: Excellent placement with a shot below of her … Continued

Benghazi Movie in the Works

This should terrify Mrs. Clinton and all her sycophants to death. Just watch the Clinton Machine rev up to try and kill this as they tried with Path to 9/11. Now another 9/11 terror attack promises to haunt them. The … Continued