Desperate Democrats Unveil Benghazi Website to ‘Drown Out Any Potential Leaks With a Flood of Information’


We’re just sure this taxpayer-funded website will provide a flood of reliable information, although at least the media now has a go-to source to finally start reporting on the 2012 terror attack. House Democrats on the Benghazi Select Committee plan … Continued

Wonderful: Hillary Clinton’s Ghost-Written Book Includes Photos of Benghazi Victim Caskets

Why does Hillary Clinton insist on politicizing Benghazi? EXCLUSIVE: Glimpse photos from back cover of @HillaryClinton's #HARDCHOICES @barackobama — HillaryBook (@HillaryBook) June 5, 2014 A close-up, via the Weekly Standard: Excellent placement with a shot below of her … Continued