Barack Obama

Great Timing: Obama Loves LeBron’s “I Can’t Breathe” Shirt

That magical Obama touch. Obama loved LeBron's #ICantBreathe shirt — VANITY FAIR (@VanityFair) December 21, 2014 While he was busy golfing today, two minority NYPD officers were executed in cold blood. Police Commissioner William J. Bratton identified the … Continued

Thanks, Obama: Blacks Falling Behind Under ObamaCare, No Protest Marches Scheduled


Don’t worry, folks, he’ll show his concern in between rounds of golf during his upcoming 17-day Hawaiian vacation. African-Americans are less likely to see benefits under ObamaCare compared to other racial groups, according to research released Tuesday. While Hispanics, American Indians … Continued

Surprise: 20% of Applicants for Obama’s “Deferred Action” Protection are Fraudulent


In a surprise development, all of them have been registered to vote Democrat. One in five applications by young undocumented immigrants applying for President Obama’s “deferred action” protection has been fraudulent, the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee said … Continued

IRS Illegally Shares 2,500 Documents With White House; IRS ‘Watchdog’ Says We Can’t See Them, Citing ‘Privacy’


Positively Orwellian.  So here we have the IRS, already up to its neck with the Lois Lerner scandal (remember her?) busted sharing IRS files with the White House, which barely merits mention in a media now obsessed with Facebook postings of … Continued