Andrew Cuomo

Stunner: Environmental Expert De Blasio Comes Out Against Fracking

Activists on the beach in Cancun.

Despite the widespread success of fracking around the country, the anti-capitalist environmental wackos are still preventing it in New York State. Considering the anti-business, anti-conservative beliefs of buffoons Andrew Cuomo and the Sandinista Mayor of New York, proponents of the … Continued

‘He’s a schmuck!’


Hey Ed, tell us how you really feel about this schmuck. “He’s a schmuck!” That was sharp-tongued Ed Koch’s assessment of Andrew Cuomo, captured by a crew filming a documentary on the three-term former mayor that will debut this weekend … Continued

Cuomo: Sandy Worse Than Katrina

Let the  ridicule begin. Oh wait, he’s considered a Democrat contender for president in 2016, so there shall be no mockery. Gov. Cuomo yesterday put the first official price tag on the economic damage inflicted on the state by Hurricane … Continued