Marched to their deaths: Sickening ISIS slaughter continues as 250 soldiers captured at Syrian airbase are stripped then led to the desert for mass execution


Sickening footage appears to show Islamic State militants parading 250 captured soldiers through the desert in their underwear before they are killed and their bodies piled on the bare earth. An Islamic State fighter said the men were from the … Continued

Source: Daily Mail

Rewriting the Rev. Al Sharpton’s history

Al Sharpton

How utterly perverse. The Rev. Al Sharpton was given center stage yet again Wednesday, this time at an interfaith meeting to address police-community relations — and he used it to rewrite history. Mayor de Blasio blithely helped in the effort, … Continued

Source: NY Post

Who Will Stand Up for the Christians?

WHY is the world silent while Christians are being slaughtered in the Middle East and Africa? In Europe and in the United States, we have witnessed demonstrations over the tragic deaths of Palestinians who have been used as human shields byHamas, the … Continued

Source: NY Times

Autopsy Shows Michael Brown Was Struck at Least 6 Times

Mr. Johnson, who declined to be interviewed, has described the events differently in television interviews. While he and Mr. Brown walked, he said, Officer Wilson stopped his vehicle and told them to get on the sidewalk. When they refused, Officer … Continued

Source: NY Times

Obama deserts an ally in wartime


What kind of ally refuses to send you desperately needed weapons when you’re smack in the middle of a war? Apparently, that’s what the Obama folks did with Israel, which is caught up fighting with Hamas. It’s unforgivable. The decision … Continued

Source: NY Post

Conversation recorded by bystander just moments after Michael Brown shooting casts doubt on claims the teen surrendered to Officer Darren Wilson

Previously unnoticed audio from a video recorded in the chaotic moments after Michael Brown’s fatal shooting last Saturday in Ferguson, Missouri, could help back up Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson’s version of events. Overheard while one man films the gruesome … Continued

Source: Daily Mail

High fashion, expense for Hillary travel


According to a May 31, 2013 email, Clinton’s standard contract usually includes: ■ Round-trip transportation on a chartered private jet “e.g., a Gulfstream 450 or larger jet,” plus round-trip business class travel for two advance staffers who will arrive up to … Continued

Source: LVRJ

State Department approved 215 Bill Clinton speeches, controversial consulting deal worth $48m; Hillary Clinton’s COS copied on all decisions


A joint investigation by the Washington Examiner and the nonprofit watchdog group Judicial Watch found that former President Clintongave 215 speeches and earned $48 million while his wife presided over U.S. foreign policy, raising questions about whether the Clintons fulfilled ethics agreements related to the … Continued

Source: Washington Examiner