Iran fears American sex bombs

TEHRAN, Iran — Iran’s top leader said Wednesday the United States is using “money and sexual attractions” to try to infiltrate the Islamic Republic and warned Iranians not to fall into the “enemy’s trap.” Ayatollah Ali Khamenei told Revolutionary Guard … Continued

Source: NY Post

The commander in chief’s meltdown in the polls


President Obama scrambled to denounce any effort to influence analysts. “As a consumer of this intelligence, it’s not as if I’ve been receiving wonderfully rosy, glowing portraits of what’s been happening in Iraq and Syria over the last year and … Continued

Source: Washington Post

Obama is dangerously nonchalant about ISIS threats


The leader of the free world urged a broader assault on Islamic Stateyesterday and called for more nations to join forces to crush the enemy. In response, President Obama said he would think about it. The upside-down quality of the … Continued

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Turkey downs Russian warplane

Turkey said Tuesday that it shot down a Russian warplane that violated Turkish airspace, while Russia denied that the plane left neighboring Syria. The Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement that it is looking into the circumstance surrounding the … Continued

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Obama: GOP attacks on refugees help ISIL


ISIL’s still not the varsity team, President Barack Obama said Sunday, but if Republicans running for president and in Congress continue to respond to attacks by playing off fears, they’re doing the terrorists’ work for them. A Republican reaction that’s … Continued

Source: Politico

Obama, speaking from the ruins of his own policy


An event that invokes widespread fear and confusion, such as the Paris attacks, is also an occasion for leadership. The resulting intense public focus opens a brief window for explanation and inspiration. In moments of crisis or challenge, a leader … Continued

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France’s president has always been far tougher than Obama


Remember when Secretary of State John Kerry was accused of being “too French” to become our president? If only. Under its Socialist president, Francois Hollande, the country we used to say was populated by “cheese-eating surrender monkeys” is showing resolve, … Continued

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The putrid push to politicize the Syrian-refugee debate


Some awkward speed bumps are getting in the way of President Obama and other Democrats’ rush to vilify Republicans in the debate over Syrian refugees. The president is plainly eager to get past his woeful “we have the right strategy” … Continued

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Obama is sticking to the strategy that gave us Paris


A clearly annoyed President Obama on Monday angrily refused to consider any changes to his anti-ISIS policy — even doubling down on his pre-Paris claim that the Islamic State has been “contained.” Obama has good cause to feel defensive: He’s … Continued

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Obama’s ‘patience’ merely gave ISIS time to grow

President Barack Obama rallies for his longtime friend and political ally, Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, who is seeking a second term, Saturday, Oct. 16, 2010, at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

President Obama’s approach of delayed and diluted action — ever doing the minimum demanded by domestic politics — has allowed ISIS not only to survive but to expand its appeal, its numbers, its territory and its global impact. Starbucks took … Continued

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Paris doesn’t need your hashtag ‘heroics’

The instant online symbol of global support for Paris after last week’s attacks was a roughly rendered peace symbol with an Eiffel Tower in the middle of it. The French designer Jean Jullien sketched it as soon as he heard … Continued

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