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Media Starting to Tire of Grandma’s Evasiveness: ‘Dodging the press just comes off as arrogant and imperial’


Grandma’s Groupies are starting to get the message: She’s just not that into you. Besides, she’s unable to answer even softball questions. You think she’s actually going to answer anything about her criminal activity? There is no record of what … Continued

Krauthammer Unloads on Pathetic Obama: “He doesn’t know a damn thing about Fox”

Actually, he doesn’t know a damn thing about most everything. After the petty tyrant declared Tuesday that  the media, and Fox in particular, have to “change” how they report the news, Charles Krauthammer has had about enough. Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer … Continued

Hillary Clinton’s State Department Signed Off on Slick’s Lucrative Foreign Speeches With Lightning Speed

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Move along, nothing to see here. None of this is unethical or criminal and besides they’ve answered all the question so shut up. State Department officials under Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton moved quickly when aides to Bill Clinton … Continued

Flanked by Multimillionaires, Clown de Blasio Hits Washington to Discuss Income Inequality: “It is so polarizing,” Says Democrat


This tool is so delusional he actually believes he has a future outside being the failed mayor of New York City, where crime is on the rise in case he hadn’t noticed. He’s on the road again. As violent crime … Continued