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Howard Dean ‘Apologizes’ to Vets Over Idiotic ‘American Sniper’ Comments, but Not to ‘Right-Wing Nutjobs’ and ‘Chicken Hawks’


He said this nonsense on MSNBC, so obviously nobody saw it. Howard Dean is saying sorry to military veterans for his comments about “American Sniper,” but says he’s not apologizing to the “right-wing nutjobs.” Critics, including “Forrest Gump” actor Gary … Continued

Team Obama Has No Idea What to Do With ISIS Prisoners: ‘We do not have plans to detain anybody for an extended period of time’


Since he’s busy helping re-stock al Qaeda as he recklessly empties out Club Gitmo, the clown running around talking about broadband Internet and paid sick leave (the important issues of our time) hasn;t bothered to give any thought what to … Continued

With No More Terror Threats to Worry About, Obama Releases Five More Animals From Club Gitmo

Barack Obama

It’s been so long since there have been any Muslim terrorists attacks, so this is as good a time as any to release more of these peaceful practitioners of Islam. Five men from Yemen were freed from the U.S. Navy … Continued