Sydney Hostage Taker Identified


Seems like a real charming guy. He’s well known to the Australian authorities. Private Gregory Michael Sher, 30, was killed in a rocket attack in Oruzgan Province, in southern Afghanistan, in January. He was the eighth Australian Defence Force soldier … Continued

Other Than That the Story Was Correct

Your watchdog media, ladies and gents. Embarrassing correction for NYT. — southpaw (@nycsouthpaw) December 14, 2014 Heck of a job, folks. U hit this one out of the park nytimes “@nycsouthpaw: Embarrassing correction for NYT.” — … Continued

“The bigger issue should be on preventing sexual assault and being able to help survivors of sexual assault”

While we don’t discount the notion of preventing sexual assault (who would?), a big issue should also be preventing so-called journalists from making up stories to promote their own narrative. The college students described as friends of the alleged rape … Continued