Boehner Invites Netanyahu to Speak Before Congress, White House Has Hissyfit


After his night of trashtalking to Republicans, Team Obama seems to have forgotten there are other branches of the government that are not beholden to him. House speaker John Boehner pointedly sidestepped the White House on Wednesday, inviting Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu … Continued

The Megyn Kelly Moment


For those unfamiliar with the phenomenon, a Megyn moment, as I have taken to calling it, is when you, a Fox guest — maybe a regular guest or even an official contributor — are pursuing a line of argument that … Continued

Why Democrats are so frightened of Joni Ernst

Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) has been in the Senate for only a few weeks, and while she has avoided the national spotlight so far, she is about to burst onto the scene via her designation as the Republican who will … Continued