Porn star’s delicious offer to Super Bowl champs


Here’s hoping Emanuel Sanders worked up an appetite. Legendary porn star Lisa Ann wants to make good on her promise to whip up a delectable dinner for any title-winning sports team, including the newly minted Super Bowl champs. While chatting with … Continued

Clinton Victim Kathleen Willey Joins ‘RAPE PAC,’ to Campaign Against Hillary


Hows this for some irony. At the same time the man who abused her is whining about alleged “sexist” attacks on his awful wife, one of his victims comes forward to announce she’ll be campaigning against the fading Granny Clinton. … Continued

‘Sore loser’ Cam Newton comes under fire for storming out of press conference after losing the Super Bowl and throwing tantrums during the game


Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton has  stormed out of a press conference following Sunday’s unexpected loss to the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 50. Grilled over how disappointing it was to walk away second place having been widely tipped as … Continued