Irony: Hillary Hack Who Called Boehner an Alcoholic Was Busted for Aggravated DWI During Her Failed 2008 Campaign


The media took great joy in playing up this angle from Grandma’s secret emails. As John Boehner was about to win the speaker’s gavel in 2010, Hillary Clinton’s political confidant offered a crude and scathing assessment of the Ohio Republican — … Continued

Wonderful: 188 Newly Released Clinton Emails Contained Classified Data, Including Spy Satellite Data on North Korean Nukes


She’s finished. Now we just have to wait until someone let’s her know it’s over. Sorry, Grandma, you just can’t be trusted. From those rightwing co-conspirators at the Washington Post: While she was secretary of state, Hillary Rodham Clinton wrote … Continued

Speechwriters going 100 hours without sleep, emails about gefilte fish and ‘The Good Wife’ plus countless pages blacked out for security: Hillary’s 7,000 new email pages revealed – including 125 containing ‘classified’ information


Hillary Clinton’s private email account was a big enough secret at the State Department that the agency’s computer help-desk experts didn’t recognize her address when they saw it. ‘They had no idea it was YOU,’ her top aide Human Abedin … Continued