The #MeToo movement has officially jumped the shark

Posted by on Jan 16, 2018 at 7:45 am

It’s official. #MeToo has jumped the shark.

It happened with Saturday’s brutal, public character assassination of actor Aziz Ansari — a dude who’s laid claim to being one of Hollywood’s good guys. Now, his reputation is in tatters and his career threatened because of a lady who took her time saying “No.”

Men — even decent, sensitive, feminist men — be afraid. This could happen to you.

The hit on Ansari, 34, was posted on with someone who identified herself as a now 23-year-old photographer from Brooklyn using the name “Grace.” In a long and anatomically detailed piece, Grace described flirting with the actor, comedian and filmmaker at a Los Angeles Emmys afterparty in September, when she was 22, even though she came with another date and Ansari initially tried to blow her off.

But she persisted.

They finally bonded over the fact that they both were shooting with old-fashioned film cameras. When she returned to New York City the next day, he’d already texted her. After exchanging flirtatious messages, they arranged to go on a dinner date.

She didn’t mask her excitement at going out with the “successful comedian and major celebrity,” meeting him at his apartment “at an exclusive address on Tribeca’s Franklin Street, where Taylor Swift has a place too,” Babe dutifully reported.

Now, it’s an article of faith that sexual misconduct can and does occur even between adults engaged in social pursuits. But this case is off the rails. Because, from the way Grace told the story, it seems her encounter with Ansari went south for her — but she failed to tell him about it.

It’s also unclear if Ansari, the zhlub, even noticed at the time that his date was weirding out on him. Yet, she painted herself as a victim. Not exactly of sexual assault, but of some vague kind of manly misconduct.

Grace said that after Ansari rushed them through dinner, the pair went back to his place, where they proceeded to take off their clothes.

Then, in a description worthy of Penthouse, she said he gave her oral sex as she sat atop a marble kitchen countertop. She returned the favor.

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