Major Campaign Donor Secretly Pleaded Guilty to Bribing NYC Mayor de Blasio

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The kicker here is the bribe was accepted and the donor got something in return. Guess the stooge Bill De Blasio’s good fortune is he has a (D) after his name, so he’s immune to prosecution.

A campaign donor to Mayor Bill de Blasio secretly pleaded guilty in federal court to bribery, admitting that he used his contributions to the mayor to try to win favorable lease terms for a restaurant he owned on city property, newly unsealed court records show.

While the court papers included no charges against Mr. de Blasio or other city officials, a federal criminal information in the case makes it clear that the donor, Harendra Singh, got something in return.

The court documents said that the mayor took steps to benefit Mr. Singh in exchange for the contributions, and that an unnamed senior aide to Mr. de Blasio arranged a meeting to pressure a city agency to offer more favorable terms to Mr. Singh.

So Singh paid a bribe and got something in return. Explain to us why De Blasio’s not up on charges?

Mr. Singh did not name the mayor, and the court documents refer instead to an “Official #2” who received the donations; various details in the documents make it clear that the unnamed official is Mr. de Blasio.

The relationship between Mr. Singh and Mr. de Blasio had been a focus of investigations by the F.B.I. and the United States attorney’s office for the Southern District of New York; after an 18-month inquiry, those prosecutors decided against charging the mayor, but harshly criticized him and his fund-raising practices.

Just as with the voluminous crimes of Hillary Clinton and her sleazy cabal of grifters, Democrats are above the law. If there weren’t a double standard we’d have no standards at all.

But while no charges were brought, both the US Attorney’s Office and the Manhattan DA Cy Vance slammed de Blasio’s shady fundraising practices.

Then acting-US Attorney Joon Kim pointed to “several circumstances” in which de Blasio “made or directed inquiries to relevant city agencies on behalf of” donors seeking favors.

The left would gleefully have President Trump locked up for jaywalking, but actual criminal behavior by a prominent Democrat is just brushed aside.

This is how you get more Trump.

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