Canadians On Guard Against “Islamophobia” Following Another Bogus “Hate Crime”

Posted by on Jan 16, 2018 at 8:02 am

We can only imagine their feigned outrage if there’s ever an actual hate crime.

Political leaders and community members were quick to react to news that the police had found the attack had not occurred.

“I’m kind of glad that it’s not actually something that actually happened, but then on the other side, I mean, we all really wanted to know why she reported this,” said Titus Gho, a parent picking up his child at the school Monday afternoon.

He expressed concern that hate crimes could now be considered “fake.”

Well, when most of these incidents turn out to be bogus, that’s going to happen. Perhaps if we waited until investigations were complete before pointing fingers you clowns wouldn’t look so stupid.

“When you are speaking about allegations like this, you’re talking about Islamophobia and you’re talking about racism and things like that, there are a lot of emotions that are attached to it,” Gho said.

You’re also talking about accusing the majority of people of being racist and never apologizing after the fact.

At Queen’s Park, Premier Kathleen Wynne, who had vehemently denounced the attack on Friday, expressed relief that it had never happened.

This is what she posted on Twitter Friday:

She hasn’t withdrawn the scurrilous statement or offered and apology.

“I’d like to thank the Toronto Police Service for their work in this matter, and I join all Ontarians in being thankful and relieved that this assault did not take place,” Wynne said in a statement.

Mayor John Tory agreed, saying: “It is good to know that this event didn’t happen.”

So they must remain vigilant against crimes that didn’t happen and use cliches and buzzwords to show how “inclusive” they are while slandering the majority of people. Good job, folks.

Let’s face it, it’s obvious her family put her up to this. We’ve had similar experiences here in America. Let’s just call her Clock Girl.

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  1. Jo on 16/16/18 at 11:27 am

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