Why the media want to bury the Susan Rice ‘unmasking’ news

Posted by on Apr 06, 2017 at 7:25 am

The folks at CNN and MSNBC are working overtime to splash cold water all over the startling disclosure that President Barack Obama’s national-security adviser, Susan Rice, was behind the “unmasking” of Trumpites in transcripts of calls with Russian officials.

“Another fake scandal being peddled by right-wing media” is what CNN anchor Chris Cuomo (brother of New York’s Democratic governor) called it.

National-security correspondent Jim Sciutto (who joined the network straight from the Obama administration) labeled it “a ginned-up scandal” and President Trump’s “latest attempt” to “divert attention from his team’s contacts with Russia.”

Over at the even harder-left MSNBC, anchor Chris Matthews and analyst David Corn tried to outdo each other in implying base motives for the Rice coverage. “Notice it’s always a female” who’s attacked by conservatives, snarked Matthews. Added Corn: “Maybe because she’s a black woman.”

Or maybe it’s not sexism or racism, but the fact that Rice — with her clear history of dishonest public statements — has totally altered her story.

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One Response to “Why the media want to bury the Susan Rice ‘unmasking’ news”

  1. rhetorical questions (are fun!) on 6/06/17 at 9:43 am

    How does an NSC “adviser” have the clearance to unmask or leak anything?