Why Nancy Pelosi gave a big boost to Roy Moore

Posted by on Nov 29, 2017 at 8:05 am

If accused child molestor Roy Moore wins the Alabama Senate seat in two weeks, he may have reason to offer thanks to the most important Democrat in Washington — House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

On Sunday’s “Meet the Press” she responded haughtily to the idea that she and her fellow Democrats should cut Rep. John Conyers loose after learning he’d paid off a staffer who accused him of sexual harassment — a story that blew the lid off the existence of a congressional slush fund to settle harassment claims.

She cast doubt on the credibility of the accuser and three women who supported her claim in affidavits because we don’t know their names — even though their names were redacted as part of the settlement.

She praised Conyers for being an “icon” — which, I’ll grant you, is one way of describing an 89-year-old man who has served for a ridiculous 52 years in the House of Representatives, a record that suggests he is less a captain of the ship of state than he is a barnacle permanently attached to its hull.

She said we’re strengthened by “due process” in this country. You cannot judge “just because someone is accused.” This wasn’t a problem for her in many other cases in which sexual misconduct was alleged — just so long as it was being alleged about people she didn’t like.

Pelosi has since backtracked a bit after the firestorm that erupted after her comments. She met one accuser and said she believed her. And she accepted Conyers’ decision to step down as the top Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee.

But Pelosi knew full well she was going to get hammered for saying what she said. After all, we’re talking about not just an accusation but a situation in which taxpayer money was used to hush up a troubling event in the “icon’s” office suite.

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