When Narratives Collide: Illegal Alien Murders Muslim Girl, Media Censor Key Details

Posted by on Jun 20, 2017 at 8:05 am

This incredibly horrific story had all the ingredients for the grievance industry: An innocent Muslim girl dragged away and viciously murdered.

The killing of a Muslim teenager in Virginia whose body was found in a pond on Sunday was most likely a “road rage incident” and not a hate crime, the Fairfax County Police Department said on Monday night.

The teenager, Nabra Hassanen, 17, was killed on Sunday after she and a group of friends encountered a driver, Darwin Martinez Torres, 22, about 3:40 a.m., the police said in a statement. The group had been at a late-night event at the All Dulles Area Muslim Society in Sterling, Va., and were headed back to the mosque after a trip to a fast-food restaurant.

The police said the group of as many as 15 teenagers were walking and riding their bikes — some in the street and some on the sidewalk — when Mr. Torres came upon them in his car.

An argument erupted between him and one of the teenagers, a boy on a bicycle, and he drove his car onto the curb in a fit of anger, the police said. The statement did not say what the argument was about. The teenagers ran from Mr. Torres, but he soon found them in a parking lot and got out of his car wielding a baseball bat and began to chase them, the police said.

They go to make this isolated incident into some kind of wave of “hate crimes” against Muslims. Naturally, the agitators from CAIR sprang into action:

Crazy thought, but maybe the president was waiting for the facts of the case. They just never learn, do they?

Then along come the actual facts and the narratives collide. Turns out a Democrat mascot (read:illegal alien) is the one allegedly responsible for the murder:

A 22-year-old man accused of killing a 17-year-old Muslim girl in Virginia on Sunday morning is an illegal immigrant from El Salvador, a spokesperson for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) tells The Daily Caller.

The suspect, Darwin A. Martinez Torres, was arrested on Sunday in the death of Nabra Hassanen, a high school student from Reston, Va. Police say he beat Hassanen with a metal baseball bat in what is being described as a road rage incident.

The case initially drew national attention because of the possibility of it being an anti-Muslim hate crime. But the Fairfax Co. Sheriff’s Department ruled out bias as a motive in statements on Monday.

According to police, Hassanen was attacked by Torres while walking with a group of friends from an IHOP to All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS) mosque, where they were attending an all-night prayer session for Ramadan.

Torres allegedly pulled up in his car and an argument ensued. Hassanen’s friends ran, but only realized later that Hassenen was not with them.

Torres was arrested after being spotted driving erratically by investigators who were searching for Hassanen. He led police to Hassanen’s body, which he allegedly dumped into a pond.

Local police and ICE were slow in confirming whether Torres is in the U.S. illegally. But in a statement issued Monday afternoon, an ICE spokesperson confirmed that the agency has lodged a detainer request against the El Salvadoran national, indicating that he is an illegal alien.

Just like that the story swirls the media drain:

ABC knew perfectly well at the time of their on-air report that Torres was an illegal immigrant. In an article posted on ABC News’ website at 3:44 PM (almost three hours before WNT went live), reporter Karma Allen wrote that, “ICE said in a statement Monday that they have filed a detainer on Torres, a citizen of El Salvador, for potential deportation as he is believed to be in the U.S. illegally.”

Also left out of the report were some of the more grim details of the heinous act. “[Torres] got into an argument with a teen on a bike and then drove his car over a curb, scattering the group of as many as 15 teens,” wrote The Washington Post. “He caught up with them a short time later in a parking lot and chased them with a baseball bat, striking 17-year-old Nabra Hassanen and then abducting her in his car.” Torres eventually killed Hassanen and dumped her body in a pond near where he lived.

The Big Three Networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) have a long history of ignoring and censoring the crimes committed by illegal immigrants. Recently, they censored the infamous Rockville, Maryland rape case where two illegal immigrants were accused of raping a minor in a high school bathroom. The charges were later substituted with child pornography charges, but the networks still ignored the case.

You know damn well the story leads every national broadcast for days if a “Trumpt supporter” did it, especially as the media buriess the targeted assassination attempt on Republicans by a card-carrying liberal last week. Besides, according to some in the media, Steve Scalise had it coming. Worse than fake news is censored news, and the media refuses to report anything that damages their phony narrative that Muslims are targeted by the right. Nabra Hassanen certainly didn’t deserve to die, Trump doesn’t deserve blame but you know who should take some responsibility? The party that wants more illegal aliens and refuses to acknowledge they’re a problem, especially the criminal element.

So wave goodbye to this story. Nabra Hassanen deserved better. She didn’t deserve to be exploited by a group of terrorist co-conspirators such as CAIR.

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7 Responses to “When Narratives Collide: Illegal Alien Murders Muslim Girl, Media Censor Key Details”

  1. faculty lounge bonghits on 20/20/17 at 12:35 pm

    But…vibrant diversity Über alles comrade.
    The glorious Benetton rainbow unicorn magic chocolate fountain is just one more immigrant away.
    The indispensable cultural enrichment is vital so everyone can be equal peasants in a third world shithole.
    Good serfs will sing hymns of praise to globalist pimps.
    The precious equality can only be achieved when everyone is equally poor.

  2. Patricia on 20/20/17 at 3:00 pm

    It was horrible what was done to her.

    And why did the mosque let them go outside at 3 in the morning?? You can assume anyone driving at that hour is impaired (Per my LE friend). Very bad supervision there.

  3. Kevin Snyder on 20/20/17 at 3:58 pm

    I hardly think a mosque needs to give a breathalyzer to their attendees *smdh*

  4. HarvardR on 20/20/17 at 4:06 pm

    So, on that day there were no other murders committed? Or at least none the dipwad media could use as a bludgeon against Trump. Ya lie with what you got, I guess.

  5. Darwin Akbar on 21/21/17 at 8:26 am

    A month ago, in Phoenix, a serial killer of at least 6 people was finally caught. In the initial reports, the closest they came to reporting the 20-something killer’s background was that he’d gone to HS in the Phoenix area.

    The story then vanished from national news. Is it possible that the serial killer -normally big news in this country when it is supposed to be a white guy – is, in fact, an Illegal Beaner?