Vile Leftwing Hacks Attack Gen. Kelly, Lunatic Wilson Says ‘Empty Barrel’ is Racist Term

Posted by on Oct 20, 2017 at 8:11 am

We never imagined the left would sink to such depraved depths, but here we are. After the incredibly moving testimony from President Trump’s Chief of Staff General John Kelly Thursday, the odious Democrats wasted no time smearing and trashing this brave American hero.

They’re incredibly disgusting, inhumane people.

These are the same people who’ve been exploting the Khan family the past year, now they’re attacking a Gold Star father.

Now we go from zero to RACIST in mere minutes:

No words. Just staggering. So Lawrence O’Donnell is a better man than John Kelly?

Please, this is embarrassing.

Maybe he can challenge Kelly to a fight, like he did with Tagg Romney. Also notice he doesn’t know how to spell Kelly. Oof.

Oh, we thought this carnival act Wilson was going to dummy up. Apparently not:

Yeah, run with that.

Every day the left sinks to new lows. Then they wake up and keep digging. Attacking General Kelly is not going to be a winning issue for them. But they’ll try, of course:

Let’s not forget some deep thoughts from Granny Clinton’s flunky Thursday:

These people are absolute bottom-feeding vermin and should be treated as such.

One Response to “Vile Leftwing Hacks Attack Gen. Kelly, Lunatic Wilson Says ‘Empty Barrel’ is Racist Term”

  1. David on 20/20/17 at 1:04 pm

    I’m not sure MSNBC did O’Donnell any favors with that image.

    That is going to become an internet meme, with those words appearing next to O’Donnell on a regular basis.

    He’s the one that’s going to become associated with that term, and it’s going to be used to describe him.

    Congratulations, Lawrence,