Trump threatens to cut Berkeley’s federal funds after riots

Posted by on Feb 02, 2017 at 9:33 am

President Trump threatened on Thursday to withhold federal funds from the University of California-Berkeley in the wake of campus rioting over a planned speech by a right-wing provocateur who has been called a white supremacist.

“If U.C. Berkeley does not allow free speech and practices violence on innocent people with a different point of view – NO FEDERAL FUNDS?” Trump said in a morning tweet.

The warning comes after a night of violence and protests in response to Breitbart news editor Milo Yiannopoulos’ scheduled appearance on the left-leaning campus.

Breitbart has been a big booster of Trump. Its former chief executive, Stephen Bannon, is now Trump’s chief strategist in the White House.

Yiannopoulos was scheduled to speak to the campus Republican Club. He recently announced the start of a scholarship exclusively for white men, called the Yiannopoulos Privilege Grant, which he claims is a way to protest affirmative action.

The president did not further explain how he’d strip the funds — and under what standards.

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One Response to “Trump threatens to cut Berkeley’s federal funds after riots”

  1. Dartainian Winslow III on 2/02/17 at 11:24 am

    Attention snowflakes, there’s a new sheriff in town who doesn’t lead from behind and who doesn’t want to overthrow western civilization to build some statist utopian hell on earth third world shithole.