Today in Democrat Hysteria: Trump Lawfully Dismisses Rogue Acting AG, Faux Freakout Ensues

Posted by on Jan 31, 2017 at 7:37 am

These daily tantrums are frankly getting a bit tiring. If you think casual observers are exhausted, we wonder if the Democrats and their media co-conspirators will be able to keep this up for eight years, because that’s exactly what they’re going to get with this nonsense.

House Democrats are wasting no time in denouncing President Trump for firing the nation’s top law enforcer after she refused to carry out his directives barring refugees and those traveling from Muslim-majority countries.

The White House said former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates “betrayed” the Justice Department at the threat of national security. She was ousted late Monday night.

But the Democrats see a more sinister motive, warning that Trump is adopting a tyrannical approach that politicizes the Justice Department and will discourage federal employees from upholding their constitutional duties across all agencies.

The lawmakers are comparing Yates’s firing to President Nixon’s 1973 purge of top officials who defied his wishes at the height of the Watergate scandal –– an episode known as the Saturday Night Massacre.

“President Trump has commenced a course of conduct that is Nixonian in its design and execution and threatens the long-vaunted independence of the Justice Department,” said Rep. John Conyers (Mich.), senior Democratic on the House Judiciary Committee.

Absurd as the predictable comparisons to 1973 are, maybe this one might be a better comparison, and even this is a stretch:

Why yes, yes it is. But now she’s a media darling and the pre-packaged profiles are already coming hot and fast. Weird how we didn’t get to meet Sally before today, huh?

Is it any wonder why normal Americans are tuning out the Democrats and the media en masse?

When and if Trump actually does something unconstitutional, there won’t be anyone left to listen to these clowns:

Meanwhile, this manufactured “crisis” won’t even last 24 hours, as Trump will announce his first SCOTUS nominee tonight, so the media and Democrats will light their hair on fire again in about 12 hours, and last night’s meltdown will fade to black.

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2 Responses to “Today in Democrat Hysteria: Trump Lawfully Dismisses Rogue Acting AG, Faux Freakout Ensues”

  1. Pepe the Frog vs. Kermit on 31/31/17 at 1:10 pm

    The way Trump plays the obsolete against the people extreme left narrative media like a cheap fiddle is so epic.
    Four to eight years of CPUSA true believer head spinning will be awesome!