Rutgers President OK with Campus Anti-Semitism: “That’s a constitutionally protected right”

Posted by on Nov 20, 2017 at 8:06 am

Using this logic, he should be OK with racism of any kind. Let’s just say the folks at Rutgers should start the interview process for a new president as soon as possible.

The president of Rutgers University has argued that the recent rash of anti-Semitism on campus is protected by the First Amendment.

Speaking during a student government town hall last week, Robert Barchi said: ‘If I’m a Ku Klux Klan member, and I’m going to burn a cross on a vacant lot, that’s a constitutionally protected right.’

‘You put that cross on my front yard, and you light it, that is not constitutionally protected, that’s harassment,’ Barchi said, according to Tap Into New Brunswick. ‘It’s an exception to the First Amendment.’

Barchi, who has been the president of the New Jersey school since 2012, spoke about the recent incidents including anti-Semitic posts allegedly shared on the Facebook of a food science professor and the swastika graffiti on a Rutgers dorm.

Last month, a swastika was found on the corner wall of Stonier Hall on the campus.

When addressing that incident during the November 16 town hall, Barchi said: ‘It is free speech, it’s not hate speech.’

Chances are pretty much 100% it’s some leftwing “activist” punks drawing the swastikas since pretty much 100% of campus “hate crimes” these days are hoaxes.

Yet the reaction is just pathetic, mealy-mouthed nonsense.

‘If it’s a general building on the university, that’s First Amendment rights,’ Barchi said.

However, Barchi said such action would violate the university’s vandalism policy.

Barchi went on to defend microbiology professor, Michael Chikandas, and adjunct professor of international law, Mazen Adi.

Chikandas allegedly shared dozens of anti-Semitic posts on his Facebook.

Since the incident thousands of students have called for his resignation with a petition that has garnered more than 5,000 signatures.

‘But the question is, does having posted that created an environment in his work that would compromise his ability to teach or to do research?’ Barchi asked.

‘That’s an employment issue, so we are actually investigating him,’ Barchi said, according to the Tap Into New Brunswick.

They have disgusting anti-Semites “teaching” their students and that’s just peachy keen. Oh, and a reminder, these are the same people who wouldn’t let Condi Rice speak at their university.

So they’re racist and anti-Semitic.

Good job, folks.


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  1. ASF on 20/20/17 at 8:04 pm

    Nah. Anything defined as “Islamphobia” by the PC police goes over the line and should be punished swiftly and severely.