Russia Reportedly ‘Extremely Worried’ Trump Could Attack North Korea

Posted by on Apr 11, 2017 at 7:58 am

This is right about the time the Democrats go back to the Russian fold and side with them against America. It’s been a century-long tradition of theirs to cozy up to them, and after five months of sniveling about Russia helping Trump get elected, it’s time to move on to another sideshow.

Russia has admitted it is ‘extremely worried’ the US will attack Kim Jong-Un after North Korea warned it has US bases ‘in its nuclear sights’.

The Kremlin’s foreign ministry revealed its concern as Pyongyang threatened ‘catastrophic consequences’ after Donald Trump sent an armada of warships to the Korean Peninsula.

At the same time, China has moved 150,000 troops to its border to deal with a possible influx of North Korean refugees amid fears Trump may strike Kim Jong-un following the surprise US missile attack on Syria last week.

A spokesman for the Russian foreign ministry said:  ‘We are really worried about what Washington has in mind for North Korea after it hinted at the possibility of a unilateral military scenario. It’s important to understand how that would tally with collective obligations on de-nuclearising the Korean peninsula, something that is underpinned in U.N. Security Council resolutions.’

This morning, North Korea warned of a nuclear attack on the US at any sign of pre-emptive action. Pyongyang’s state newspaper said the country was prepared to respond to any aggression.

Let’s face it: The entire world knows the overstuffed dictator has to go. His country is a virtual death factory and he’s one of the worst people on earth. But the left in the USA is so unhinged by Trump Derangement Syndrome, they’ll side with Russia, North Korea and Syria before they even begrudgingly side with their president.

The Pentagon revealed on Saturday night that the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier and its battle group had been dispatched to the region for US-South Korea war games.

Last night, a spokesman for North Korea’s foreign ministry said: ‘This goes to prove that the U.S. reckless moves for invading the DPRK have reached a serious phase,’ said a spokesman for the secretive nation’s foreign ministry.

‘The DPRK is ready to react to any mode of war desired by the U.S,’ he added.  

‘We will hold the U.S. wholly accountable for the catastrophic consequences to be entailed by its outrageous actions,’ the North Korean foreign ministry spokesman said, adding that Pyongyang would respond to ‘provocateurs’ with a ‘powerful force of arms’.

‘We will take the toughest counteraction against the provocateurs in order to defend ourselves by powerful force of arms,’ the foreign ministry spokesman said, according to KCNA.

They’re great at talking smack, but can barely get a test missile off the ground. Let’s face it, it’s time for Russia, and more importantly, China, to help take Un out. For the good of his own people, if not the world.

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4 Responses to “Russia Reportedly ‘Extremely Worried’ Trump Could Attack North Korea”

  1. bob sykes on 11/11/17 at 8:09 am

    The removal of the Kim regime will require fighting another Korean War with a couple of hundred thousand US troops on the ground and tens of thousands of US casualties. Before we do that, we had better get China on our side. That is probably doable as long as we guarantee the outcome will be a Chinese vassal state on the Yalu River.

  2. Kong Kao on 11/11/17 at 10:13 am

    China trembles in fear of the 4-D chess master, that is why they moved 150,000 troops to the border of North Korea.
    Could we pay down some of the debt and bring some manufacturing back before taking on the world?

  3. David Crimmins on 11/11/17 at 3:36 pm

    I just don’t see a down side to bombing Kimmy’s place. That and the 30 or so sites that are related to the nuclear program. Russia, China and everyone else is going to wring their hands and do what exactly? They will do absolutely nothing.

    The upside is that the petty dictators in the world (i.e.the smiling Chinaman, the dead eyed Vladimir, the head of ISIS and Assad, and.. and.. and all the rest) will do what all bullies do. They will run for cover and won’t come out until they think they can get back to their bullying. The wait for them will be at least as long as Trump is in the White House.

  4. Toran Gomorrac on 12/12/17 at 10:57 am

    Russia better hurry up and invade North Korea before Maxie Waters hears about this!