Report: Port Authority Bombing Suspect Dead After ‘Explosive Vest’ Detonated

Posted by on Dec 11, 2017 at 8:22 am

Not the type of news one likes to see on a Monday morning.

NYPD is investigating an “explosion of unknown origin” that went off at the intersection of 42nd Street and Eighth Avenue.It’s not yet clear who was responsible, as the investigation is still ongoing, though reports on NY One reveal that an individual was wearing a suicide vest that went off prematurely, though another report (on ABC News) claims that only a pipe bomb went off.

Update: Dean Meminger is reporting now that the suspect was killed when the explosive device prematurely went off.

This story is still fluid with conflicting reports. We will update and clarify as more reports come in.

The NY Post is reporting the suspect was a likely suicide bomber.

A suicide bomber set off a device at the Port Authority bus terminal Monday morning, law enforcement sources said.

The suspected bomber – who had wires attached to him – was armed with a pipe bomb and a battery pack, sources said.

This is a developing story, of course, so more to come.

Update: This is reportedly video of the explosion:

And of course…

Update: Here’s a look at the suspect, via NY Post:


Suspect is identified as Akayed Ullah:

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