Report: Obama Spied on Thousands of Americans During 2016 Election

Posted by on May 04, 2017 at 7:55 am

Remember, though, Trump is the greatest threat to civil liberties, according to the same people who’ll defend this massive scandal.

The Obama administration distributed thousands of intelligence reports with the  unredacted names of US residents during the 2016 election.

During his final year in office, President Barack Obama’s team significantly expanded efforts to search National Security Agency intercepts for information about Americans, distributing thousands of intelligence reports across government with the unredacted names of U.S. residents during the midst of a divisive 2016 presidential election.

The data, made available this week by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, provides the clearest evidence to date of how information accidentally collected by the NSA overseas

about Americans was subsequently searched and disseminated after President Obama loosened privacy protections to make such sharing easier in 2011 in the name of national security. A court affirmed his order.

The revelations are particularly sensitive since the NSA is legally forbidden from directly spying on Americans and its authority to conduct warrantless searches on foreigners is up for renewal in Congress later this year. And it comes as lawmakers investigate President Trump’s own claims his privacy was violated by his predecessor during the 2016 election.

Gee, it’s almost as if Obama had his own police state.

In all, government officials conducted 30,355 searches in 2016 seeking information about Americans in NSA intercept metadata, which include telephone numbers and email addresses. The activity amounted to a 27.5 percent increase over the prior year and more than triple the 9,500 such searches that occurred in 2013, the first year such data was kept.

The government in 2016 also scoured the actual contents of NSA intercepted calls and emails for 5,288 Americans, an increase of 13 percent over the prior year and a massive spike from the 198 names searched in 2013.

So at least 5,288 Americans had their rights violated.

The searches ultimately resulted in 3,134 NSA intelligence reports with unredacted U.S. names being distributed across government in 2016, and another 3,354 reports in 2015. About half the time, U.S. identities were unredacted in the original reports while the other half were unmasked after the fact by special request of Obama administration officials.

No wonder the left is frothing over fantasies about Russia. They need to do anything to distract from this massive violation of privacy. Meanwhile, as she clearly has something to hide, the disgraced Susan Rice is refusing to testify before the Senate as the cover-up gains steam.

She shouldn’t have a choice.

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  1. Forward! on 4/04/17 at 11:02 am

    Chicago Jesus used his magic scepter to spy on bitter clingers…as soon as he finished lowering the ocean levels and healing the earth.