Reminder: Seattle Mayor Accused Another Victim of Participating in an “Anti-Gay Right Wing Conspiracy”

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Now that a fifth alleged victim has surfaced this freak Ed Murray is finally resigning from office, but we must wonder: How many more victims of this maniac are out there?

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray will resign, the mayor’s office announced Tuesday afternoon hours after news broke that a fifth man has accused the mayor of molesting him as a child.

Murray said in a statement that he will resign effective 5 p.m. Wednesday. City Council President Bruce Harrell will take over as mayor temporarily, though he has yet to say whether he’ll retain the post through November or hand it off to another council member.

For months, Murray has faced allegations that he sexually abused homeless boys he encountered decades ago. On Tuesday, Murray’s cousin Joseph Dyer levied similar allegations, saying he felt moved to act because of Murray’s treatment of his accusers.

Dyer, 54, said he was 13 years old when Murray sexually assaulted him for a year while they shared a bedroom in Dyer’s mother’s home on Long Island, New York in the 1970s.

Previously, four others had come forward, including one who sued the city of Seattle back in July. But as with any liberal accused of a crime, it’s always a “right-wing conspiracy.”

For victims of sexual abuse, the bright days of this Seattle summer have been spent revisiting some very dark places.

Four men have accused Seattle Mayor Ed Murray of sexually abusing them 30 years ago — a scandal that worsened July 27, when one of the men filed a claim with the city.

In it, Delvonn Heckard says Murray has used his “position of power” to deny his accusation that Murray paid him for sex when he was a 15-year-old drug addict, and to falsely accuse him of participating in an “anti-gay right wing conspiracy.”

And that accusation is all the left need to dismiss any criminal behavior they partake in. Don’t ever accept responsibility, don’t ever be accountable and always blame the right. Not only that, the media always takes their side.

The world finally got an answer today to this question: “How many serious allegations of sexual abuse of minors have to be brought forth against Democrat Mayor Ed Murray before he’ll do the right thing and resign?” Early Tuesday, Murray’s fifth accuser came forward. Hours later, he resigned, effective Wednesday afternoon.

Thus ends one of the most disgraceful sagas in the history of local media anywhere. The Seattle press knew about allegations by not one, but two of Murray’s alleged victims in 2008, five years before he became the city’s first openly gay mayor, and failed to even report their existence.

Much of the press still insists on protecting the Democratic Party from its decades-long association with Murray.

During the drafting of this post early Tuesday evening, Reuters initially posted a three-paragraph breaking-news item which failed to tag Murray as a Democrat.

A short time later, Reuters expanded its story to 11 paragraphs (seen here), but still included no party ID.

At Fox News, according to Instapundit‘s Ed Driscoll, an earlier report on Murray’s resignation which the network attributed to its own Frank Miles and The Associated Press, did not include Murray’s party affiliation. When I checked on an updated version of that report at 6 p.m. Eastern Time on Tuesday, Murray’s party was ID’d — in Paragraph 11 of 13. A large photo at that story also failed to identify Murray as a Democrat.

Shameful behavior by both Democrat office-holders and their media enablers. And they wonder why neither has any credibility. Oh, and speaking of “right-wing” conspiracies, we wonder where Murray got that idea from?




Oh, and if you need a reminder how complicit the media is in covering up for criminal Democrats, here you go.

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  1. Darwin Akbar on 14/14/17 at 10:55 pm

    People should have been suspicious due to his campaign slogans:

    Leave No Boys Behind!


    There is No Such Thing As a Bad Boy – Only Good Boys Who Nerd a Spanking!