Political death threats becoming new, unsettling normal

Posted by on Jun 14, 2017 at 8:21 pm

It was heartening to see members of Congress from both parties echo calls for unity following Wednesday’s attempted massacre.

Putting aside their habitual rancor, Democrats and Republicans joined together to emphasize that violence has no place in our politics.

There is no possible counter-argument, but let’s admit the ugly truth the pols won’t: This is all about the election of Donald Trump, and the unhinged vitriol that shadows him.

There is nothing bipartisan about the peculiar hate gripping significant slices of America. Breaking a major social taboo, elements of the left have openly put a target on a sitting president and too many mainstream Democrats have been silent.

Think Kathy Griffin’s severed head. Think Madonna telling a rally she thinks about blowing up the White House. Think Shakespeare in the Park using a Trump stand-in for Julius Caesar — and the audience loving the blood lust.

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Did a single leading Democrat denounce any of these outrages as dangerous incitement? How about celebrated cultural figures or religious leaders or historians — did any blow the whistle and say this is a line we do not cross because we know that way lies madness?

If they did, you can count them on one hand. Words have consequences, and so does silence.

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One Response to “Political death threats becoming new, unsettling normal”

  1. Back to the 1860s is so progressive on 14/14/17 at 11:05 pm

    Civil War 2.0 is gonna rock!
    The lefty rat pieces of shit better be ready because mommygov won’t be there.
    Safespaces will be burned to the ground. No one will be safe anywhere.
    Enjoy it commies because you asked for it.