Police cast wide net in search for suspect in Cleveland Facebook killing

Posted by on Apr 17, 2017 at 8:50 am

Residents in four additional states were urged Monday to be on alert for a man accused of killing an elderly passerby at random and then posting the gruesome footage of the murder on Facebook.

Cleveland police warned residents of Pennsylvania, New York, Indiana and Michigan to be on the lookout for Steve Stephens, 37, who they said may have crossed state lines.

Authorities issued an arrest warrant for Stephens early Monday. He is charged with aggravated murder in the death of Robert Godwin.

The video purportedly shows Stephens getting out of his car and targeting Goodwin, 74, who is holding a plastic shopping bag. Stephens shouted the name of a woman, whom Godwin did not recognize.

“She’s the reason that this is about to happen to you,” Stephens told Godwin before pointing a gun at him. Godwin can be seen shielding his face with the shopping bag. The video of the killing was on the social media site for three hours before it was removed. Stephens account was also removed.

Facebook said the suspect did go live on the social media website at one point during the day, but not during the killing. Police earlier had said that Stephens had broadcast it on Facebook Live.

“This is a horrific crime and we do not allow this kind of content on Facebook,” said a company spokesperson. “We work hard to keep a safe environment on Facebook, and are in touch with law enforcement in emergencies when there are direct threats to physical safety.”

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