NYC Department of Education Investigating ‘Communist Organizing’ at Brooklyn School

Posted by on Jun 27, 2017 at 7:49 am

While they’re at it, maybe someone can investigate the Communist organizing in the mayor’s office.

The city Department of Education’s probe of a Brooklyn principal on allegations of Communist organizing has grown to include four more school staffers, sources said Monday.

The department is investigating Park Slope Collegiate Principal Jill Bloomberg regarding “Communist activities taking place at the school,” according to a lawsuit Bloomberg filed against the city over the probe in April. Bloomberg says the communism accusations are phony and she’s being targeted for speaking out against segregationist school policies.

Investigators have contacted other staffers at Park Slope Collegiate — an assistant principal, two teachers and a school aide — the principal and sources familiar with the investigation said. Department investigators contacted at least three of them this month.

“The allegations are still no more specific than membership in a political organization and vague accusations of political organizing,” Bloomberg said. “We are proud of the anti-racist and pro-integration organizing that characterizes our school and are appalled at the DOE’s attempts to silence us.”

Natasha Duncan, the school aide, said she’s innocent of any wrongdoing.

“The investigation is farfetched,” she said. “There’s allegations of Communist organizing at the school. It’s a little ludicrous to me.”

Just a friendly reminder: Communists, like Islamists, are trained to lie, so believe nothing they say. And if there’s suspected Communist activities in such an ultra-left city, there must be more than just smoke there.

A legal memorandum compiled by city lawyers states the Department of Education investigation was launched in response to complaints from an anonymous source, who said Bloomberg’s husband filmed a documentary on behalf of the Len Ragozin Foundation — which is affiliated with the Marxist Progressive Labor Party — that was screened at the school for $20 a seat.

But Bloomberg’s advocacy has nothing to do with the city’s ongoing investigation into her communist dealings, according to Department of Education spokeswoman Toya Holness.

Bloomberg admitted her husband did help fund a documentary regarding racial profiling through the Ragozin Foundation, and that the film was screened at the school, but said her husband’s foundation has no connection to communism and that the film, which was offered for free, was permitted by the Department of Education.

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  1. Skid Marx on 27/27/17 at 12:51 pm

    Failed ideas from a 19th century German bum are so goddamn progressive.
    The glorious hippie dippie commune is just around the corner with each according to his needs and the workers of the world united.
    Sadly some comrades will be more equal than others and esteemed party members will live high on the hog…not so much for useless idiots.