NJ Yearbook Advisor Suspended for Altering Photos of Kids Wearing Trump Shirts

Posted by on Jun 13, 2017 at 7:12 am

We’re sure a paid suspension will teach this moonbat a lesson. She should be fired and the school should replace every yearbook.

The Wall Township High School yearbook advisor is suspended indefinitely as the district investigates why photos were edited to remove images supporting President Donald Trump, a district official said Monday.

The paid suspension comes after parents and students complained that at least two photos of students wearing Trump campaign shirts were edited and a Trump quote was removed from beneath another student’s photo.

Yearbook advisor Susan Parsons, a technology/media teacher, could not be reached by phone. A message to Parsons’ school email account was returned as “undeliverable” and a woman reached at her listed address in Wall Township declined to comment.

Amazing, we found an anti-Trump liberal who finally has shut up.

Parsons has worked in education for 21 years, including 13 in the district, according to state records.

Changes to the yearbook, released on Wednesday, drew the ire of both students and parents in a Wall, a Monmouth County town where Trump carried nearly 63 percent of the vote in November’s election.

Superintendent Cheryl Dyer said last week that the district is investigating the allegation of censorship and possible violation of First Amendment rights.

“There is nothing in our student dress code that would prevent a student from expressing his or her political views and support for a candidate for political office via appropriate clothing,” Dyer wrote in a letter to parents. “Rather, I applaud students for becoming involved in politics and for participation in our democratic society.”

One of the students whose photo was edited, Grant Berardo, 17, wore his navy blue “TRUMP Make America Great Again” T-shirt to picture day.

The photo proofs came back with the Trump slogan on the shirt and the image is also used on the electronic student ID system, he told The Star-Ledger last week.

But when the yearbook came out, Berardo was wearing a plain blue T-shirt.

Berardo thought the edit was “kind of stupid,” he said.

“I mean, he is our president,” Berardo said. “He’s the president of the United States. How is that offensive?”

The school better get its act together, as this weak sauce isn’t going to help.

Joseph Berardo, Grant’s dad, said he met with Dyer and Wall HS principal Rosaleen Sirchio on Monday and they told him about Parson’s suspension.

The dad said he wants new yearbooks issued, while the school has offered sending home stickers that could replace the lost images.

No. Reprint every yearbook and have this dolt Parsons pay for it. By the way, we have a hunch she’s an Obama fan:


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  1. Potemkin Village on 13/13/17 at 11:34 am

    Stalin used to airbrush out of photos comrades who fell out of favor and were put against the wall.
    A new USSR called the USSA? Yes we can! Forward!
    A glorious worker’s utopia with each according to his needs and the working taxpayers have deep pockets to pay for the real life Benetton ad.
    I have to go pet my unicorn by the magic chocolate fountain that mommygov gave me.