Longtime ESPN Host Shares Name with Infamous Nazi Who Supervised Slave Labor

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After a full day of the left beclowning themselves over pulling Robert Lee off a University of Virginia game so as not to offend anyone, how is it an original host who shares a name with an actual Nazi has survived 38 years at ESPN?

ESPN refused to acknowledge whether or not it had plans to pull pundit Robert Ley off of the air, despite the fact that he has the same name as an infamous Nazi official.

In an e-mail to ESPN, The Daily Caller asked if the sports broadcasting giant had a plan for dealing with Ley, considering the network had already pulled ESPN college football commentator Robert Lee from broadcasting a Virginia football game because he shares a name with a Confederate general.

Robert Ley was a Nazi official who “was made head of the German workers’ front after Hitler’s accession to power.”

He “supervised the mobilization of foreign as well as German labour for war work” during World War II and committed suicide during the Nuremberg Trials.

We just hope there weren’t any Nazis named Smith or Jones, otherwise a lot of Americans face increased scrutiny.

Here’s a look at the Nazi Ley:

Robert Ley(born Feb. 15, 1890, Niederbreidenbach, Ger.—died Oct. 25, 1945, Nürnberg), Nazi politician and head of German labour, who helped supervise the recruitment of slave labour during World War II.

The son of a small landowner, Ley studied at the universities of Jena and Bonn, received a Ph.D. in chemistry, and worked for IG Farbenindustrie, before he was discharged in 1928 for “political activity.” He was elected as Nazi member to the Prussian Diet in 1929 and to the Reichstag in 1932.

Ley was made head of the German workers’ front after Hitler’s accession to power. To weld German labour into a solid organization backing Hitler, Ley abolished the democratic trade unions and built up a powerful labour organization designed to facilitate German militarization and war preparations. He was also head of the Bund der Auslanddeutsche (Union of Germans Living Abroad).

With that record, he’s almost worse than Trump!


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